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It's All Belly Dance.

If you are to take this statement and mix it with a touch of creativity and a tad of ingenuity you will have the
makings for "The Project".

What you find in today's bellydance community, are many performers who have studied with their teachers to
bring you their styles of bellydance. You will find artists
who adapt their own style and give it their own
flavor and call it different names to bring you many unique performances.
Great pains have been taken to
create "the unique" and share with the community our differences as performers, when you study bellydance,
you study the foundations of the movements. There you will find the similarities.

The Project is the concept of taking the differences and showing the similarities.

Enter the professional bellydancer soloist (American Caberet)

Enter the professional bellydancer troupe (Tribal)

Enter one stage, one music piece and one performance. Not individual performances, but all performers,
dancing at the same time.

Is it chaos? Is it control? Can't have one without the other.

Each performer will not compromise their own art form. Each performer will show differences in styles and
also similarities of movements within the foundation of bellydance. But, at the same time.

This production should include general concepts of entertainment to each of the bellydancers styles. There
should be the "typical" and the "new" in this production. This piece shall include a bit of bellydance
nostalgia from the Cabaret dancers with a Tabla performance. There will also be some dynamic choreography
as would be used on typical stages for performance. There will be sequences to reflect street dancing down
old market place roads in ancient cities. And finally, there will be some movements to remind us that we
dance for OURSELVES, as our ancestors did, to celebrate life's milestones, in the presence of women, for
women. The "new" will be that different stylists will dance as one unit. The costuming will reflect each
style's tradition.

In the end, the common goal is to achieve one dance piece that reflects the original statement from "The
Project's" conception... "It's All Bellydance"

~ Marie Kaplan, Trillium
The Project Featuring Trillium &
Stefanie Masters
Thank you, ladies of Euphraxia in Buffalo, for posting this
video for others to enjoy!

I wish to extend a warm thank you to the ladies of Trillium
~ Marie Kaplan, Traci Roberts, & Jennifer Nolan.

We worked for a year on this project meeting a couple times
a month.  These fantastic ladies taught me the meaning of
ATS.  It is truly about the experience of dancing and not the

We all have challenges, fears and issues, but when we can
come together as one whole unit and dance "in the
moment" exploring ourselves and each other on a very  
profound level....magic happens.  And it is  in this magical
moment that we begin to open ourselves to incredible tools
for healing the mind, body, & spirit within.

Thank you ladies for showing me the "magic" of ATS!

~ Stefanie Masters, Dance for the Soul