~ The Engagement ~
Dave gives a knowing look to
his sister JuLee, as I am still
oblivious  to his impending
I was so shocked that I was trying
to pull a ring off of my right
hand, the wrong hand, thinking
that was where the engagement
ring went.....
In all the excitement, all I could
do was hug Dave, he then pulled
me away from him gently to ask
what my answer was......
Ma calls to tell him about her broken arm!!!!! (Yes, she is okay and mending, but that was just a front).  He then starts to
As we are trying to find a parking spot, I notice there are alot of cars out front on the street and I want to Dave to do is
hurry up and park so I can run in and get set up.

We get inside and no one is there yet.  Shaia asks me if I want to review a video before my students get there...so off to the
back room we go, when I see Dave's mom and dad...sister and husband and all my students and belly dance friends!!!   I was
so shocked as NO ONE has ever been able to pull off a surprise...but leave it to Dave to pull together a surprise birthday

You should have seen all those people stuffed into that back room, but even better was the look of shock and disbelief on
my face as I backed up and right into Dave, who was behind me!  

So, presents and hugs were given out....then Dave gets up to say a few words...just like him....I expected it.  I did NOT
expect him to say, "Stefanie said she did not want me to get her anything for her birthday...so I thought long and hard...and
did it anyway....What would Stefanie want most of all if she were stranded on a desert island???  She would want the love
and devotion of a best friend...a man who would love and cherish her....keep her safe and protect her....."  You guessed
it...in front of everyone...got down on one knee, gave me a ring and asked me to marry him!!   We are now officially

I was sooo surprised and what a wonderful way to proclaim his love...not only in front of all my students and friends, but
his family!!!  Oh, yes...he cancelled that class..lol...all my friends and students knew he was going to propose and knew for 2
And that is why he was driving soooooo slooooow!!  He wanted to make sure everyone got there before we did.  He had
been planning this for some time and wanted it to be right!....He did a great job!!!  

Yoga Teacher Training Graduation.....Birthday Celebration....and Engagement!!!!!   All wrapped into one!   How cool huh???  
And for those of you that know me really well....This will be a very easy date to remember!!

I feel very blessed and wanted to share my happiness with you all.

Much love ~ Stefanie
Dance for the Soul