DFTS or Dance For The Soul Style is taught in Stefanie's unique format, combining Oriental & Turkish styles of Belly Dance, with a
focus on holistic movement.  The Masters' 10 Step Method of Improvisation makes learning this ancient art form fun and rewarding!  
Paying close attention to correct posture, conscious breathing and focusing skills students will be given the tools necessary to express
themselves whole heartedly in The Dance.  Join the fun as you learn the DFTS Format and explore incredible ways of tuning into the
Yoga helps build strength, flexibility, balance, emotional and mental clarity.  Through these classes students will be guided gently
through the process of understanding proper foundation and alignment in poses and gain a clearer understanding of body awareness by
using breath and proper technique.  The foundation of these classes are taught in the following styles:  Viniyoga, Ashtanga, Iyengar.  
Stefanie's training and certification is through Feel Your Best Yoga with Debra Hennesy.

Tribal Style is a form of synchronized group improvisational dance.  With a set vocabulary of movements and cues, dancers learn to
trust themselves and build confidence in both leading and following.  This dance allows for all students to move together as one unit,
inviting many possibilities for creative expression within the framework of this style.  This style is set apart from others by its strong
center, and grounded presentation.   This style also focuses on group dynamics which help to foster strength and connection with other

This form of SGI initiates from both sides of the body for balance, and has unusual and exciting concepts in chorus work, formations,
props and zills.  This style of dance will be taught in Kajira Djoumahna's format.

Prenatal belly dance classes focus on therapeutic movement, building strength and endurance, while helping to alleviate tension and pain
through correct posture and breathing techniques.  These classes are beginning through intermediate.  

Belly dance has a therapeutic advantage for pregnant women in relieving pain, strengthening the internal muscles involved in the birth
process, harmonizing the mother and child through prenatal interaction and instilling a sense of joy and celebration throughout the
prenatal and birthing process.  Come and share in this unique "Art of Movement" created by women for women.

Call Stefanie for appointment at 262-689-1075
Cost: $45.00 Per Hour

Stefanie teaches private and group lessons from beginning up through professional level dancers in Milwaukee at her in-home studio.  
Stefanie also holds group and private classes in Yoga and moving meditation techniques.  Classes are geared towards the students
individual goals.  Much emphasis is placed on emotional growth and healing techniques through the Dance, and Yoga using breath and

Individual goals will be determined with detailed structure.  Whether you are looking to add Yoga, Dance, Aerobics,
Meditation/Relaxation, Weight Loss, Muscle Toning, or Enhanced Spiritual Practice, a personalized program designed just for you is

Modalities can include any of the following:  

Fitness/Weight Loss
Strength Training
Stress Management
Goal Setting
Injuries & Modifications
Holistically Reprogramming our Subconscious for Success
Massage Therapy & Healing Modalities
Prenatal Massage/Postnatal Massage
Yoga for Strength
Yoga for Relaxation & Flexibility
Meditation Dance & Transformational Dance
Belly Dance for Fitness
Posture & Breath Reprogramming
Physical Detox Programs for Health & Wellness
Lifestyle Coaching Nutritional Basics

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Stefanie Masters.

Tailor design classes and workshops around you and your students needs.  
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