What Is Holistic Health ~
Holistic Health is anything that emphasizes the relationship between the parts and the whole, considering the whole system.  It is a
term used to indicate studies and modalities that incorporate the physical/emotional/spiritual into healing the whole person.  

Some basic principals are to do no harm, address the whole person: body, mind, and spirit.  Understand that the body has an inherent
ability to heal itself, and a Holistic Practitioner means being a teacher and as a teacher it is important to lead by example.

Holistic Health Care starts at home.  It is taking
responsibility for yourself by taking good care of your body, mind and your spirit.  
Taking responsibility means changing any negative lifestyle patterns that can cause illness, dis-ease, infection or instability in the
mind and emotions.  The person who smokes cigarettes is doing just as much harm physically and emotionally as the person who
lives and breathes negative thoughts towards themselves and others.

Some Holistic Modalities include Reiki, CranioSacral Therapy, Inner Child Therapy, Touch For Health, Myofascial Release,
Acupressure, Thai Massage, Yoga Therapy, Dance Therapy, Reprogramming The Subconscious Mind, Detoxification, Herbology,
Chiropractic Care, Massage Therapy, Rolfing, Acupuncture, and Lifestyle Coaching.
Healing Techniques &
Dance for the Soul
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Holistic Modalities ~ How They Can Help You Heal ~
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Alternative health care is becoming main stream because it works.  Much can be proved now through scientific methods, thus giving it credibility.

What Is Massage Therapy ~
Massage Therapy is the manipulation of soft tissue for therapeutic purposes and may include, but limited to, effleurage, petrissage, tapotement, compression,
vibration, friction, nerve strokes, and other Swedish movements either by hand or with mechanical apparatus for the purpose of body massage.  This may
include the use of oils, hot and cold packs.

proven healing method and is a part of many physical rehabilitation programs today with insurance companies covering the cost.  Massage therapy can help to
alleviate low back pain, circulatory problems, arthritis, can assist with shorter and easier labor for expectant mothers, ease medication dependence, enhance
the immune system by stimulating lymph flow, help to exercise tight or atrophied muscles, lessons depression and anxiety, increases joint flexibility, promotes
tissue regeneration, reduces scar tissue and stretch marks, pumps oxygen and nutrients into vital organs and tissues, thus improving circulation, can relax
injured and overused muscles to help facilitate faster healing, reduces cramping and muscle spasms, releases endorphins that act as the body’s natural
painkiller, can relieve migraine pain, and beneficial in helping to treat fatigue, high blood pressure, diabetes, infertility, smoking cessation, depression, stress
and tension.

Many experts say that nearly 80% of disease is stress related.  Massage can help reduce the risk of diseases by decreasing anxiety, enhancing sleep quality,
increased energy, better circulation, improved concentration and reduced fatigue.

The emotional benefits to massage are an increased sense of self worth, respect for others, feeling in tune with family and friends, and a better building of
community.  Massage therapy is one of the best forms of holistic health care available that can be performed at home with little or no cost.

What Is Chiropractic Care ~
Chiropractic Care is a system of diagnosis and treatment based on the concept that the nervous system coordinates all for the body's functions, and that
disease results from a lack of normal nerve function.  Chiropractic employs manipulation and adjustment of the body structures, such as the spinal column, so
that pressure on nerves coming from the spinal cord due to displacement, or subluxation of the vertebral body may be relieved.  Misalignment and nerve
pressure can cause problems not only in the local area, but also at some distance from it.

The nervous system controls every function performed by the body directly or indirectly, which means that any symptom or disease can be improved with a
better functioning nervous system.  Chiropractic helps the nervous system function optimally by removing blockages or subluxations that may be preventing
optimal health.  

Chiropractic health care is one of the best modes of healing the body naturally, by healing structural misalignments and getting in touch with the nervous
system to alleviate many debilitating diseases and their symptoms.  Chiropractic care will improve range of motion, muscle strength, agility, balance,
kinesthetic perception, help to regulate blood pressure, boost the immune system, correct postural imbalances, promote emotional calm, mental clarity,
recovery from trauma, increases energy levels, enhances athletic performance, relief from headaches and back pain, improved sleep, greater flexibility, and
Testimony & The Importance Of Chiropractic Care In My Life ~
I first started Chiropractic Care almost 2 years ago with Dr. Ty Wade owner of Saukville Chiropractic Wellness Center.  When I first met Dr. Ty, I was having
horrible pain in my hip and as a professional dancer it was scary to think that maybe I would have to stop dancing.  I was seen for 3 months when the pain
disappeared!  But that's not all.  Many people don't know that all my life I have had a learning disability.  I love to read, but it would take me sometimes 10 to
15 minutes to read through a couple of paragraphs.  This made school very difficult.  My level of comprehension was very low.  After 5 months of treatments
with Dr. Ty, my learning disability was NO MORE!  I can read and study and understand what I am studying!  For me this is a huge testament not only to
Chiropractic but also to Dr. Ty.  He is truly a Holistic Therapist!  He lives what he teaches and does so with an open heart.  

To find out more about Dr. Ty Wade please visit his website at

What Is Acupuncture ~
Acupuncture is the stimulation of specific points on the body by a variety of techniques including the insertion of thin metal needles through the skin,
intended to remove blockages of energy and restore and maintain health.  Chi can be unblocked, according to traditional Chinese medicine, by using
acupuncture at certain points on the body that connect energy meridians.  Acupuncture treats all the body systems to restore health.  The basic principal is
that all illnesses result from the natural flow of chi being shut off, stuck, depleted or weakened making the individual susceptible to illness.  Acupuncture
effectively restores homeostasis in the body so that the body can heal itself.  

Acupuncture has been proven effective in treating a wide variety of disorders and the control of pain, sinusitis, the common cold, asthma, bronchitis, eye
disorders, neurological and musculoskeletal disorders including paralysis following stroke, frozen shoulder, tennis elbow and sciatica.  Acupuncture helps to
reduce or eliminate the need to take drugs to control pain, helps in the recovery process from injury, improves circulation, decreases stress, strengthens the
immune system function, increases energy, helps with addictions, phobias, obsessive behavior, eating disorders, and anxiety.  For people using acupuncture as
a preventative health measure the benefits are strengthening of general constitution, and can also induce a feeling of wellbeing in an individual who has seen
western doctors and they can find nothing physiologically wrong with them.

What Is Rolfing ~
Rolfing structural integration has the ability to dramatically alter a person's posture and structure.  Athletes, dancers, children, business professionals, and
people from all walks of life have benefited from Rolfing.  People seek Rolfing as a way to ease pain and chronic stress, and improve performance in their
professional and daily activities.  

Rolfing is performed as a very deep tissue massage within 10 consecutive sessions from six to ten months, each session lasting up to an hour and a half.  

When Rolfing is performed the body is more aligned with the force of gravity, thus making the person feel taller, lighter, more at ease in their own bodies and
they experience incredible postural shifts that change the way they look.

The benefits to Rolfing are many and include more physical energy, improved balance, breathing is easier, improved posture, improved range of motion in the
joints and soft tissue of the body, greater mental energy, easier recovery from exertion, decreased physical pain, calmer mind, improved body awareness
leading to greater self confidence, and self esteem.  Rolfing has been shown to help with specific symptoms such as whiplash, TMJ problems, tennis elbow,
carpel tunnel syndrome, back pain, foot problems, headaches, knee, hip, neck and shoulder pain, scoliosis, spinal lordosis and kyphosis.  

Through releasing the fascia restrictions around the muscles in the body the structure becomes realigned and will bring about tremendous healing for the
whole person.

What Is Yoga ~
Yoga literally translates to "unite" or to "yoke".  Yoga is not a religion, but a practice done in order to unite the mind, body and spirit, ultimately achieving
balance in all aspects of our lives.

The 8 Limbs of Yoga serve as a guide on how to live life to our fullest potential.  Yoga is in essence the practice of all 8 limbs in our daily lives.  There are
also 6 different branches of Yoga that delve deeper a specific study.

Eight Limbs Of Yoga ~
1. Yamas or How We Treat The World
Ethics ~
Non Violence
Non Stealing
Non Greed

2. Niyamas or How We Treat Ourselves
Self Discipline
Simplicity or Purity
Self Study
Surrender To God

3. Asanas or Physical Postures
These are The Poses or Stretches
Develops The Following ~

4. Pranayama or Breath Control
Our Life Force

5. Pratyahara or Sensory Withdrawl
To Observe The Self

6. Dharana or Concentration
Our Intent Focus

7. Dhyana or Meditation
A Quiet Stillness Beyond Concentration or No Thought

8. Samadhi or Liberation
Our Ultimate Goal
To Feel Connected
The Finding Of Our Inner Peace

Six Branches of Yoga ~
1. Jnana ~ Self Study
2. Bhakti ~ Devotion
3. Karma ~ Service
4. Raja ~ The Rule or Commandments
5. Tantra ~ Rites of Passage
6. Hatha ~ Physical Practice (Stretching)

What Is Meditation ~
The western idea of meditation is to be able to focus your mind on one thing, and do not give your attention to anything else.  This still involves focus and
thought and continues while you meditate.  The eastern idea of meditation is not thinking at all.  It is focusing on the universal consciousness without
thought, judgment or distraction.

Benefits Of Meditation ~
The benefits of meditation are many and the perception of its benefits will vary from person to person.  Meditation can help reduce stress levels, bring you
closer to family, balance out your emotions, increase good resting habits, increase your awareness of self and the universe, reduce physical illness, build higher
creativity levels, and can help the internal healing process.

Meditation is the increased awareness that will allow us to find who we truly are.  It opens all of our energy centers in the body, relaxes our nervous system,
eases emotional pain and discomfort, gives us peace and allows us to see the big picture of life and spirit.

How Often & When To Practice Meditation ~
Meditation comes in many different forms and it is important to understand what moves you to be successful.  For those of us that balance a full time job,
children, spouse, exercising and hobbies, thinking of adding just one more thing to the list may be enough to create a feeling of being overwhelmed and unable
to reach certain goals which will eventually bring our confidence and self-esteem levels down.  Meditating for 5 to 20 minutes a day is a good habit to get
into.  It is easy to find that 5 minutes before you get up and out of bed, and also 5 minutes before you go to sleep at night.  

Creating Your Environment For Meditation ~
You can meditate anywhere.  But the key to a successful meditation practice is to make sure that your environment will serve to relax you.  The phone should
be turned off so you will not be disturbed while meditating.  Your environment should be clean and free of clutter.  It is also a nice habit to get into by lighting
candles or performing a ritual before each meditation session begins.  The world ritual has different meanings to everyone.  A ritual could be lighting some
incense or vacuuming the house before you begin.  It could be saying a prayer out loud or performing stretching techniques prior to starting your session of
meditation.  Find something that is meaningful to you and your meditation practice will enriched and fulfilling.

What Is Lifestyle Coaching ~
A lifestyle coach will help support you in finding and living the life you want to live in terms of your overall wellbeing. This includes your emotional, physical
and spiritual health.  A lifestyle coach will act as a Holistic Therapist and treat you as a whole person.  

Stefanie offers lifestyle coaching and incorporates the following ~

Fitness/Weight Loss
Strength Training
Stress Management
Goal Setting
Injuries & Modifications
Holistically Reprogramming our Subconscious for Success
Massage Therapy & Healing Modalities
Yoga for Strength, Relaxation, & Flexibility
Meditation Dance & Transformational Dance
Posture & Breath Reprogramming
Physical Detox Programs for Health & Wellness
Nutritional Basics

Defining Self Responsibility ~
One of the most important aspects of health and healing the whole person is understanding and taking self responsibility!

Let Us First Look at & Define Blame & Guilt ~
Blame is defined as to find fault, place responsibility on or being the cause or source of something.  Guilt is a remorseful awareness of having done something
wrong or self-reproach for supposed inadequacy or wrong doing.  

What Is Self Responsibility ~
To define responsibility of self is to own up to your actions, to hold yourself accountable, not being the victim, while setting good boundaries.  Self
responsibility is not guilt.  It is the ability to let go of negative and unhealthy relationships or ties that bind you to the past.  It means not blaming others for
your thoughts, actions or feelings.  This means sometimes having to apologize, sincerely, if you hurt someone.  Good boundaries is another symptom of self
responsibility and means allowing yourself to say no, and realizing when you would be taking on too much.

Life is what you make it, and how you choose to live.  Blaming others for your own position in life will not change where you are.  Change happens when you
claim responsibility for yourself and take the action necessary to propel you forward into a more positive and healthy situation.

Being in tune or resonating with the emotions of love and compassion will always bring about self responsibility.  This heals the body and makes life easier.  
There is no one to blame and no guilt.  Understanding this concept will allow us greater freedom of choice.  Realizing we ALL have choices, sometimes they
are a little limited, but that is when it is time to get creative, work with what you have and change the things that make you unhappy.  

Ready To Begin Changing Your Life Now?  
The first step is taking responsibility for yourself,  your actions and where you are right now.  Begin by giving yourself at least 10 minutes a day to practice one
of the following techniques.  In only 10 minutes a day, you can begin the healing process from within.  Letting go of negative thought patterns and finding a
normal state of being....relaxed!

Meditation Techniques ~
Your Blank Screen ~
Practice with your eyes closed and breathing deeply to release any and all thoughts.  Every time you have a thought, take a deep breath and focus only on
your breath and the blank screen between your eyebrows.  This is a very difficult task when first beginning.  Be patient and committed to practicing being in
the here and now.

Watching The Breath ~
With your eyes open or closed simply watch the breath as it moves through the body.  Use the 3 part breath and make sure to exhale completely.  Can you see
the path it takes as you inhale and exhale?  Upon inhalation the diaphragm is moving down, and with each exhalation the diaphragm is moving up.  Move your
breath up and down the spine with each inhale and exhale.  Imagine different colors at it travels to and from different parts of the body.  

Sound Healing ~
Using the voice can be a powerful healer!  Practice using the vowel sounds daily for about 5 to 10 minutes.  You will notice that your body and mind are so
very relaxed after this practice.


Visualization Techniques ~
Visualization technique is done simply by using your imagination to stimulate positive energy from within creating an environment in your mind that will
translate into the body and promote healing on all levels.  

Visualization techniques can be added to your meditation practice to enhance your experience.  One of the benefits of using this technique is being able to
create favorable outcomes of any situation by projecting positive healing energy into your body, thus creating the energy needed to fulfill that true outcome.   

Letting Go Of Negativity ~
Imagine you are standing at the bottom of a hill.  On your back you carry a large basket.  Visualize all the negativity of your entire lifetime leaving your body
and put it into the basket.  Drop the basket into a deep hole in the ground.  Cover the hole with dirt completely.  See yourself walk away, renewed, lighter,
and open in your heart.

Seeing Yourself As You Truly Are ~
Imagine yourself in a beautiful landscape, clothed in all white.  Animals come easily into your presence.  Now see yourself sitting upon a golden throne in the
middle of this serene environment.  Imagine yourself as the giver of hope to all people, the most charitable attributes are what makes you who you are.  
Visualize giving to others a deep love that can only come from inside.  

The Technique Of Positive Thought ~
Every morning when you wake up begin the day with a positive thought.  This will carry into your day allowing you to be ready and open to amazing

Here are some great affirmations, say them upon waking in the morning, or in the mirror looking into your own eyes!  Choose 1 or 2 and say them in the
morning and at night.  Practice this for a week, then change the affirmation.  Feel free to find your own powerful affirmations and apply this technique to your
daily life.

I am beautiful!
I am excited about my life!
I have so much to give!
I allow myself to receive positive things in my life!
I deserve a happy and positive life!
I can reach all my goals!
I am successful!
I am living my dream!
I am perfect in every way, right now!
I release all negativity from my body!
My body is healthy!
My mind is healthy!
My emotions are balanced!

Using The Dance As Moving Meditation ~
Both types of meditation, focused or no thought can be performed with movement of the body.  Yoga practitioners use this method of meditation when they
perform the many stretches and breathing exercises involved in Hatha Yoga.  Moving meditation can be taking a walk through the woods, or walking through
the city on your lunch hour.  

The benefits of moving meditation are that the muscles are being used creating more energy in the body, thus reducing stress levels significantly.  If you are
having trouble sitting down into quiet meditation, moving meditation will help to quiet the mind by releasing negative energy patterns in the body allowing
you the same kind of healing for body/mind/spirit.

You can combine mediation with dance technique by creating easy combinations and repeating them over and over again focusing on the breath and posture.  
This repetitive movement will help to relax the body and mind.  

For more information and resources, please email Stefanie at stefanie@danceforthesoul.com
continuous physical comfort, emotional support, and information. A Doula does NOT perform clinical tasks, make decisions for you or
speak on your behalf to the medical staff.

What Is A Massage Doula~
A certified and licensed massage therapist, certified in Prenatal and Postnatal massage, and also certified as a labor or birth Doula.  She
can perform massage during the pregnancy, Doula support during the labor and birth process, and postpartum massage for after the
delivery of the baby.
their son.
Breanna Diaz and Stefanie
helps to reduce any negative feelings a mother might have about her labor and birth and her ability to cope, reduces the need for labor
inducing drugs and medical interventions.

New moms who receive Doula support have a greater sense of self and accomplishment, lower postpartum depression and generally feel
more supported both emotionally and physically and are able to heal faster after delivery.
A doula works with the mother and partner and helps the partner to be involved in the birth process to the level that he/she wants to be.
By having a Doula present in the labor and birth room, it will enhance the partner/father to have a more active role in the labor and birth
and improve his/her level of enjoyment of the birth.

Many times in the labor and birth room after reading and preparing for the big day, fathers/partners will find that they are at a loss
because nothing could prepare them for seeing the women they love move through intense emotions and sensations, as they go through
the natural process of childbirth.  This is where the experience of the birth Doula can help.  The birth Doula can make recommendations
to the father/partner, and also reassure them, so they can be an integral part of the entire process.  Birth Doula's are trained in positioning
techniques, breathing, meditation and coaching and other comfort techniques.  A birth Doula will help guide the father/partner to help
the mother emotionally and physically, by creating a team of support so that the mother, and father are better able to enjoy the entire
process and stay focused on what the outcome will bring...your beautiful new baby into the world!!
I believe that education is key to understanding the body and enjoying pregnancy to it's fullest.  I support the father/partner in education
and coaching.  I believe that the father/partner should be face to face with the mother to provide the loving touch that only he/she can
give, and I will help coach the father/partner to coach the mother.  

It is my job to be at the mothers side continuously during the labor and birth.  Continuous touch is imperative to positive feelings of self
and loved ones that surround her.  I will provide therapeutic touch and massage modalities, comfort measures, relaxation and guided
meditation, positioning techniques, coaching for the mother and support for the father/partner if needed.

Questions You Should Always Ask When Hiring A Doula~

1. You should always ask about a Doula's educational background and training.  These credentials are very important to ensuring that
you and your partner have a fulfilling and positive birth experience.      
  • Stefanie was trained by Judith Koch, NCTMB, C.D., Owner of the Institute of Somatic Therapy.  Stefanie is certified and licensed
    as a Prenatal and Postnatal massage therapist and certified as a massage birth Doula.  Her training also consisted of 3 intern births.  
    She has over 13 years of movement and healing therapy training along with fitness and wellness coaching.

2. Ask the Doula when she will arrive once the mother to be goes into labor, & will she come to your home or the place of the birth.       
  • Stefanie will come to your home or the place of birth, whichever will make the mother and partner more comfortable.
  • Stefanie prefers you to call her at the onset of labor as it is important that the mother and partner be kept relaxed and at ease.

3. Ask the Doula if she will meet with you to discuss birth plans and the role that she will play in supporting the mother and partner.      
  • Stefanie schedules 3 consultations before the due date to go over your birth plan, ask questions, comfort techniques, breathing,
    relaxation, meditation, stretching and partnered exercises along with perineal massage, and information on different medical
    interventions that are used in hospitals and most importantly to help ease any emotional tension in both the mother to be and

4. Ask the Doula if it would be okay to call before or after the birth with any questions.
  • Stefanie encourages phone calls and email's.  The more information and contact you have with your Doula the better comfort
    levels you and your partner will have during labor and birth.

5. Ask the Doula if she works with other Doula's as a backup.
  • Stefanie has another Doula in case of emergencies, however, when you hire Stefanie, she blocks out 2 weeks, on her schedule,
    before and after the due date to assure that she is in attendance at your birth!  

6. Ask what the Doula's fee is, and if she would be willing to provide references.
  • Stefanie would be happy to provide references.