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Prenatal & Postnatal Massage
Massage During Labor
Myofacial Release

1 hour Professional Massage - $70.00/$150.00 Travel
1/2 hour Professional Massage - $ 40.00
The birth of a child is an enriching and powerful experience for a women.  An experience
that she will not soon forget.  Find out how you can benefit from hiring a Doula!!!
pregnancy is also a great way to relieve everyday tension and stress.  Massage stimulates your lymphatic system, increasing immunity and
the removal of excess toxins, while also stabilizing hormonal levels and balancing the glandular system.

Physical Benefits Of Massage:

Massage is a completely safe, natural and drug free way of relieving many of the aches and pains during pregnancy.  Many studies have
shown that stress directly affects the unborn child.  By providing a nurturing, safe and relaxed state of mind and being for the mother to be,
you assure that her baby is also feeling those same effects.

1st Trimester - Relieves headaches, helps to alleviate morning sickness, and reduces fatigue.

2nd Trimester - Alleviates backaches, and helps to relieve leg cramps.

3rd Trimester - Reduces swelling/edema, helps to enhance sleep, and prepares the pelvic muscles for the birth process.

Emotional Benefits Of Massage:

Massage helps to open the muscles and allows the body to relax.  When the body is in a relaxed state it is easier to deal with the multitude
of emotions that change day to day during your pregnancy.

1st Trimester - Opens the mind to all new possibilities.

2nd Trimester - Helps to calm fears that might arise, relaxes the mind & its processing about body image & selfesteem.

3rd Trimester - Prepares the woman emotionally for the birth process by practicing breath and relaxation during labor.  
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What Is A Doula?
A women who has training and experience in childbirth.  She provides assistance to a woman during childbirth and labor, in way of
continuous physical comfort, emotional support, and information. A Doula does NOT perform clinical tasks, make decisions for you or
speak on your behalf to the medical staff.

What Is A Massage Doula?

A certified and licensed massage therapist, certified in Prenatal and Postnatal massage, and also certified as a labor or birth Doula.  She
can perform massage during the pregnancy, Doula support during the labor and birth process, and postpartum massage for after the
delivery of the baby.
Why Use A Doula?

Research shows that using a Doula results in shorter labors with fewer complications, reduces the incidence of using pain medications,
helps to reduce any negative feelings a mother might have about her labor and birth and her ability to cope, reduces the need for labor
inducing drugs and medical interventions.

New moms who receive Doula support have a greater sense of self and accomplishment, lower postpartum depression and generally feel
more supported both emotionally and physically and are able to heal faster after delivery.
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their son.
The Father/Birth Partner & The Doula:
A doula works with the mother and partner and helps the partner to be involved in the birth process to the level that he/she wants to be.
By having a Doula present in the labor and birth room, it will enhance the partner/father to have a more active role in the labor and birth
and improve his/her level of enjoyment of the birth.

Many times in the labor and birth room after reading and preparing for the big day, fathers/partners will find that they are at a loss
because nothing could prepare them for seeing the women they love move through intense emotions and sensations, as they go through
the natural process of childbirth.  This is where the experience of the birth Doula can help.  The birth Doula can make recommendations
to the father/partner, and also reassure them, so they can be an integral part of the entire process.  Birth Doula's are trained in positioning
techniques, breathing, meditation and coaching and other comfort techniques.  A birth Doula will help guide the father/partner to help
the mother emotionally and physically, by creating a team of support so that the mother, and father are better able to enjoy the entire
process and stay focused on what the outcome will bring...your beautiful new baby into the world!!
My philosophy as a Doula is that you, the mother come first!  
I support women and their partners who wish to have in home births as well as hospital births with medical intervention.  It is my job to
make sure that you as the mother to be, feel safe, supported and nurtured during your pregnancy and birth.  I firmly believe in the power
of a womans body to deliver a baby as a natural process.  

I believe that education is key to understanding the body and enjoying pregnancy to it's fullest.  I support the father/partner in education
and coaching.  I believe that the father/partner should be face to face with the mother to provide the loving touch that only he/she can
give, and I will help coach the father/partner to coach the mother.  

It is my job to be at the mothers side continuously during the labor and birth.  Continuous touch is imperative to positive feelings of self
and loved ones that surround her.  I will provide therapeutic touch and massage modalities, comfort measures, relaxation and guided
meditation, positioning techniques, coaching for the mother and support for the father/partner if needed.

Questions You Should Always Ask When Hiring A Doula:

1. You should always ask about a Doula's educational background and training.  These credentials are very important to ensuring that
you and your partner have a fulfilling and positive birth experience.      
  • Stefanie was trained by Judith Koch, NCTMB, C.D., Owner of the Institute of Somatic Therapy.  Stefanie is certified and licensed
    as a Prenatal and Postnatal massage therapist and certified as a massage birth Doula.  Her training also consisted of 3 intern births.  
    She has over 13 years of movement and healing therapy training along with fitness and wellness coaching.

2. Ask the Doula when she will arrive once the mother to be goes into labor, & will she come to your home or the place of the birth.       
  • Stefanie will come to your home or the place of birth, whichever will make the mother and partner more comfortable.
  • Stefanie prefers you to call her at the onset of labor as it is important that the mother and partner be kept relaxed and at ease.

3. Ask the Doula if she will meet with you to discuss birth plans and the role that she will play in supporting the mother and partner.      
  • Stefanie schedules 3 consultations before the due date to go over your birth plan, ask questions, comfort techniques, breathing,
    relaxation, meditation, stretching and partnered exercises along with perineal massage, and information on different medical
    interventions that are used in hospitals and most importantly to help ease any emotional tension in both the mother to be and

4. Ask the Doula if it would be okay to call before or after the birth with any questions.
  • Stefanie encourages phone calls and email's.  The more information and contact you have with your Doula the better comfort
    levels you and your partner will have during labor and birth.

5. Ask the Doula if she works with other Doula's as a backup.
  • Stefanie has another Doula in case of emergencies, however, when you hire Stefanie, she blocks out 2 weeks, on her schedule,
    before and after the due date to assure that she is in attendance at your birth!  

6. Ask what the Doula's fee is, and if she would be willing to provide references.
  • Stefanie would be happy to provide references.
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Stefanie also offers classes in Massage for Couples Through Pregnancy & Couples Massage for Relationship Building.