~ Do you want to become an experienced leader and educator in
the Belly Dance & fitness industry?  

~ A positive and powerful force in your community?  

~ A role model for others?
DFTS Teacher Training encompasses a holistic look at The Masters Method of Health, Healing and Living ™ and how
The Dance connects us to all things!

The DFTS, Masters Method Training Program will provide the graduate with all the knowledge needed to become a
certified DFTS Belly Dance instructor, in the Masters Format ™.  

DFTS10:  Intro to The Masters DFTS Format ™/Lecture, DFTS Ethics & Philosophy, History & Evolution of Dance

DFTS20:  Beginning Belly Dance Technique, Building A Personal Practice, Lifestyle, Goal Setting & Fitness

DFTS30:  Middle Eastern Rhythms, Music Theory, Zillar, Drums & Choreography

DFTS40:  Body-Mind-Spirit Connection, Healing with Dance & Holistic Health Modalities

DFTS50:  Intermediate Belly Dance Technique, Special Populations & Modifications

DFTS60:  Teaching Methodology, Class Design, Leadership & Communication

DFTS70:  Advanced Belly Dance Technique & Props

DFTS80:  Anatomy, Physiology & Fitness Basics for Dance Instructors

DFTS90:  Business, Advertising, Review, Practical & Final Evaluation/Public Performance

CPR/AED and First Aid Training for the Professional
This class is not offered at the school but is a requirement before receiving your DFTS Certification.  Classes can be taken
online, through the Red Cross, or The American Heart Association.

DFTS Belly Dance teacher training program is a very unique course, in that you will not only focus on the above
curriculum but also on your own intense personal growth and healing from within.  You will be working on all levels: the
physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual while using specific healing modalities, The Dance and conscious thought to help
facilitate your own personal growth.

DFTS philosophy encompasses the belief that through breath, posture and dance technique we can eliminate negative
behaviors and thought patterns.  Creating a sense of dignity in the body and mind, leading to self respect, confidence, self
love, acceptance, understanding your purpose, feeling connected to your family and community and ultimately leading you
to success in all things!

Being a teacher is so much more than understanding how to breakdown a movement, or designing a class structure.  A true
teacher has the ability to inspire and motivate students to achieve their highest potential in life.

DFTS Mission Statement:

  • To empower our student teachers with knowledge that will promote emotional and physical awareness in themselves
    and their students, by using The Dance as a holistic form of movement that allows for internal healing by
    incorporating posture and breath into the body.

  • To produce quality, ethical, and knowledgeable teachers, trained and certified in the Master’s Format ™.

  • To provide a safe environment for all student teachers with which to grow, learn and to help cultivate their own
    personal and unique style in The Dance.

  • Assist student teachers with developing a personal practice that will lead to a deeper understanding of how The
    Dance can heal, and take this learning into every day activities to foster a deeper connection with those around them.

  • As an expert in the area of holistic healing through movement and dance, pass this information on to others as an
    obligation to our community.

If you have questions or would like more information please contact Stefanie Masters at 262-689-1075 or email her at


To contact Stefanie with a letter of intent please send your letter to the following address:

Dance for the Soul
PO Box 362
Port Washington, WI 53074

Workshop Descriptions
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Middle Eastern Dance & Movement Therapies
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