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Stefanie Masters
Stefanie Masters is the owner of Dance For The Soul, a holistic studio focused on healing the whole
individual ~ body, mind and spirit. Stefanie is the creator and director of the DFTS Masters Method for
Health, Healing & Living™ and The DFTS Format of Improvisational Middle Eastern Dance. She is an
Award-Winning professional Belly Dance performer and has been featured in Time Magazine, Belly
Dance, A Raqs Sharqi Magazine, Fuze Magazine, M Magazine, The Journal Sentinal and The Wall Street
Journal. Stefanie offers a 15 month Teacher Training program, in her DFTS Masters Format. Stefanie is a
professional dance instructor, performer, event producer & the director of her student troupe Sacred
Moon Tribal of Wisconsin. With over 14 certifications in holistic movement and healing modalities,
Stefanie brings a unique whole approach to her classes and seminars, with a focus on breath, posture,
technique and positive thought.

In 2007 while working on a special project with the ladies of Trillium Troupe, Jennifer Nolan, Marie
Kaplan, and Traci Roberts, Stefanie was introduced to American Tribal Style Belly Dance. She fell in
love with the aspect of group improvisational choreography and began her search for a teacher. Kajira
Djoumahna’s contribution to ATS, leading with both hips, in this style was optimal, in Stefanie’s opinion,
to keeping balance in the body, as well as the heart.
Stefanie, after pursuing her own continued education, received certification in Kajira’s BlackSheep
BellyDance SGI Format as an instructor in both Level One & Level Two, and is a proud member of
BSBD Professional Troupe. Stefanie is the only Satellite School of SGI in the state of Wisconsin, and
continues to work closely with Kajira, maintaining a high level of integrity and continuity for the format,
allowing her to help her students delve deeper into the aspects of building a connection to each other,
opening their hearts and ultimately allowing healing to manifest in the body and heart through the dance.

For more information on Stefanie Masters or classes and workshops, please visit her website at www.
danceforthesoul.com or email her at Stefanie@danceforthesoul.com
Stefanie Masters C.M.T., R.Y.T.
Dance For The Soul
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Stefanie Masters
Stefanie, Dyanna, Kajira, Therese,
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