"The Dance will always bring us back to the heart."

Stefanie Masters

An Award-Winning Belly Dance performer and a true embodiment of
the dance, Stefanie comes to us from Anchorage, Alaska where she
has shared the dance with many women. Featured in Time Magazine,
M Magazine, Belly Dance A Raqs Sharqi Magazine, The Journal
Sentinal, and the Wall Street Journal, Stefanie is a much sought after
professional performer & instructor.  
    She has performed in Alaska, California, Wisconsin, and Illinois for staged shows and events, corporate functions,
    traditional weddings, convention centers, benefits including Hurricane Katrina Relief Fund, The Breast Cancer
    Awareness Benefit, both Alaska and Wisconsin State Fairs, The 2007 Midwest Belly Dance Challenge in which she
    was awarded 2nd place, and returned in 2008 as a judge.  She performed weekly for Shiraz Persian Restaurant, and
    performed on stage with The Mutaytor at Summer Fest in Wisconsin.

    Stefanie's true passion is sharing and teaching the dance to other women. By teaching self-confidence through
    posture, breath and technique, she helps women realize the beauty and power they hold within themselves.  She has
    taught specialized workshops and classes at Sonja’s Studio of Dance, The Alaska Club, Gatekey Center for Health &
    Learning, Bodylite Studio, Le Club, YogaLoft, Destination Maternity, Trillium Studio, Take My Hand, Lakeshore
    Dance, Port Recreation Department and Ozaukee Fitness.   One of her most heartfelt moments in Alaska was being
    able to share the dance, through a workshop she taught, with the residents of the Abused Women’s Aid in Crisis
    Shelter early in 2005.
    Stefanie is a Certified Massage Therapist, also Certified in Prenatal & Postnatal Massage, as well as a Certified Yoga
    Instructor, registered with the Yoga Alliance, and a Certified Birthing Doula, registered with the Massage Doula
    Network..  Stefanie holds a diploma in fitness from PCDI, and is pursuing her training as a holistic psychology
    practitioner.  Continuing her own education in different styles of dance, she is a Level One & Level Two Certified
    Stefanie started her holistic training through the Upledger Institute for Cranial-sacral Therapy in 1993.  As a graduate
    from Gatekey School for Health and Learning, she has over 13 years of experience, and training in Yoga, T'ai Chi
    Ch'uan, Cortico Re-education, Inner Child Psychology for the Professional, Business Principles, Ethics and
    Community, Anatomy and Physiology, Reflexology and Kinesiology.  Stefanie has certificates in Touch for Health,
    Lymphatics Massage, Berry Method, Reiki, Zen Shiatsu, Massage I with Human Sciences, CPR training, Massage and
    Bodywork Sciences with State of Alaska Certificate being awarded for a 1200 hour Apprentice Program.  

    Through her extensive holistic background, Stefanie is able to help others facilitate healing in a very safe and
    supportive environment, as she combines both healing techniques and the power of movement through The Dance.  
    See *Healing Techniques & Therapies page for more details.

    Stefanie is expert in all aspects of the dance including the beauty of veil work, zillar (finger cymbals), floor work, and
    the very demanding sword dance.  Stefanie has always had a love for music, and played the violin for 15 years.  
    Stefanie quickly learned that to really understand and appreciate The Dance, a dancer must embrace the instruments
    and the music.  She has studied middle eastern drumming, rhythms and zillar since 1999, and believes strongly in
    teaching her students the important role both music and instruments play in learning The Dance.

    The Dance is very personal and spiritual for Stefanie.  Her philosophy is "The Dance will always bring us back to the
    heart."  She believes deeply in the healing power of self expression through The Dance. Stefanie gladly shares her
    own personal story of how a young women from the wilderness of Alaska embraced the dance to realize a dream.  A
    dream fueled by the self confidence and inner knowledge the dance helped her achieve.

    Belly dancing is for everyone.  All are encouraged to come and dance.  Regardless of your level of fitness, belly
    dancing is for you.  It is the perfect aerobic exercise to increase your endurance, strength, flexibility and build self-
    confidence. You will gain a deeper understanding of self, facilitating the internal healing process thus becoming free
    from negative cycles.  Let the dance help you realize the joy that life brings.

    Looking forward to dancing with you all.
    - Stefanie
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Stefanie Masters ~ Holistic
Therapist & Professional
Dance for the Soul
Dyanna, Therese, Kajira, Megan,
Stefanie, Lori
Stefanie, Dyanna, Kajira, Therese,
Lori, Megan
Stefanie Masters